Dude Starts A Fight Then Pulls A Gun After Realizing Buddy Had Heart Report

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8678 Videos . Published on Jul 22, 2020

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greenlantern1 22 days ago

punk move, can’t beat you so pull a gun

greater20 21 days ago

Niqqers lives don't matter.

migueldofly 19 days ago

Hate mongering Caucus lives don't either.

sgtwilliedsnutts69 21 days ago

Hoe Azz if you don't like to lose a fight don't fight unless you have too

monkeyhunter 21 days ago

Typical black niqqer behavior. Black people are F**king scum.

slapyomomma3x 21 days ago

I guess that makes your mom a scum bucket. And your mad because you saw a video of her gobbling up a BBC

rdavis67 21 days ago

@ slpayo man have you seen the videos on here. violence is all these black people know. for instance Chicago it aint the white people doing the shooting because they dont live in Chicagi they left because of it. Look at Baltimore where i am from. everyone gone living in the burbs because of the violence of african americans

smitty52 20 days ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

smitty52 20 days ago

hoe Azz N***a

atp2 15 days ago

F**king coward