Damn: Dude Loses It After Finding His Girlfriend With Her Ex Report

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739 Videos . Published on Aug 13, 2019
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fuxwitit247 10 days ago

Someone award this man for most L's taken in less then 2 mins...

penutt 10 days ago

Simpin and acting hard at the same time, picc one homie

drane1210 10 days ago

Dude recorded himself taking a loss. Move on to the next one

mrtea 10 days ago

Tinder dick feelings is hurt....

Fellas, unless you can bring a considerable amount of monetary worth to the relationship, you're more disposable than that tampon your wcw has inside her, right now.

One the flip side, it doesn't take much to hoodwink a bitch out her pussy, lol. A relationship, though, that's another story.

I guess what I'm really saying is focus on yourself.

benevoletracist 10 days ago

He called that guy a nigga 14 times and I lost count, but if I say it once I'm predjudiced

sinmartian 10 days ago

dude recording wack as fuck