Dressing Room Stories: Stripper Talks About How She Made $2000 On A Slow Day Report

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3206 Videos . Published on Sep 10, 2019

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fuxwitit247 13 days ago

But the vaginal rejuvenation operation is $20,000...

bootlegyourmom 13 days ago

Because she's a worn out used up whore sheboon that was n!gger rich and didn't do shit with her money except buy shiny things and clothes. Zero investments. Zero money management .
Now she is a washed up stripper with ZERO future.
Keep twerking N!GGER.

nice 13 days ago

bootlegyourmom you know this hoe is fuxwitit247 mamma. Dirty nasty hoe

bootlegyourmom 13 days ago

nice lol fuxwitit247 now has 2 dads and is transitioning into the woman of his dreams.

fuxwitit247 13 days ago

bootlegyourmom when you and nice are done sucking each others dicks.....please know even if this is my mom....in real life I have already fucked both your moms.

zodd 12 days ago

bootleg used to suck 4 dicks and fuck 5 niggas but still only make enough money to buy a $20 stone of meth.

shoc2006 13 days ago

well there's a shocker. strippers doing extra on the side for more cash? who would've thought.