Dressing Room Stories: Stripper Talks About How She Made $2000 On A Slow Day Report

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3660 Videos . Published on Sep 10, 2019

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shoc2006 2 months ago

well there's a shocker. strippers doing extra on the side for more cash? who would've thought.

bootlegyourmom 2 months ago

Because she's a worn out used up whore sheboon that was n!gger rich and didn't do shit with her money except buy shiny things and clothes. Zero investments. Zero money management .
Now she is a washed up stripper with ZERO future.
Keep twerking N!GGER.

bootlegyourmom 2 months ago

nice lol fuxwitit247 now has 2 dads and is transitioning into the woman of his dreams.

zodd 2 months ago

bootleg used to suck 4 dicks and fuck 5 niggas but still only make enough money to buy a $20 stone of meth.

nice 2 months ago

bootlegyourmom you know this hoe is fuxwitit247 mamma. Dirty nasty hoe

fuxwitit247 2 months ago

bootlegyourmom when you and nice are done sucking each others dicks.....please know even if this is my mom....in real life I have already fucked both your moms.

fuxwitit247 2 months ago

But the vaginal rejuvenation operation is $20,000...