Armed Robber Got His Azz Kicked By Liquor Store Owner


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Free Smoke  

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Info : Published on Oct 29, 2019

"Video surveillance footage shows a La Puente liquor store owner wrestling an armed burglar to the floor, punching him out, and even pointing the gun used in the robbery at the burglar’s head.

The attempted armed robbery happened at the Golden Jug Liquor store located on Amar and Orange in La Puente. The armed robbery occurred at approximately 7pm October 13th.

The masked burglar walks into the liquor store, points his weapon at the clerk, and then starts to take cash from the register. The liquor store owner is then seen taking down the armed man wrestling for the gun in his pocket. After many punches from the clerk the burglar looks exhausted and dazed from the altercation bleeding from his head due to hits with the gun used in the robbery to his forehead by the store clerk.

The burglar then stumbled out of the store into a car outside that was waiting for him crying according to the store clerk. He was not arrested. "

Happened on October 13th in La Puente, California

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normalthom 1 year ago

Liquor store owner was a big dude!!

lilgeorge 1 year ago

Handed out

money123 1 year ago

Let's get it

armchaircriticsf 3 months ago

I love seeing shop owners successfully defend their store. He had every right to kill that guy.