Please Keep Your Hands To Yourself, If You Not Tryna Get Hit Back Report

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4134 Videos . Published on Sep 16, 2019

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chia-chia 3 months ago

She won't do that again

brodriguez 3 months ago

That last punch tho lmao. Women are not getting away with that these days. Learn.

bigdawg 3 months ago

Got dayum!!

meekmillfan 3 months ago

notice the white knight at the end but nobody said shit when she was acting outta pocket

realhated 3 months ago

no impulse control. typical

theworldisending 3 months ago

It was that last punch that did her in

monkeyforsale 3 months ago

Nigger chivalry will never die...................... not least because it's never existed.

hydratedh2o 3 months ago

bitch been watching too much american tv. think that shit is cute, don't know that the men here don't like these bitches and we going other places to find women who still have traditional values and life skills. not some mouthy hoodrat bitch who wants to fight and spit and all that shit.

manmadddd 3 months ago

One would say she deserved it. But if you look closely dude looks bitch made. He was bound to lose it

migidy 2 months ago

What a pussy. He better hope he never gets in a fight with a man. His little pussy ass didn't even knock her out and he had a free shot. Beating on a girl like a wimp

doctormagic 2 months ago

beautiful punch!!!!