Las Vegas Man Arrested For Planning Attack Against Lgbtq And Jews Report

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1340 Videos . Published on Aug 11, 2019

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hydratedh2o 6 months ago

got damn animals!!! how many people have to get slaughtered for these fuckers to do their job. this muthafucka was strutting around the neighborhood dressed like that for 3 fuckin years before these fuckers did something. I guess since they let a few slide a couple weeks ago, they had this artificial easy win they been saving up.

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

It's like those oddball kids super fascinated with war....but never had the balls to join the military

white-mans-catnip 6 months ago

So they knew about him for years yet never investigated his behavior?

factfinder 6 months ago

Such a pussy. I hope he gets raped by the following in prison. Tryna look all hard but looks like the damn Matt Damon doll from Team America.