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Published on Oct 17, 2019

Info :
Tense exchange on-board a train headed from Brussels to Liège. A railway police officer tells Joshua, a black passenger of Belgian nationality, to "go back to Kinshasa (in Zaire, former Belgian colony in Central Africa)" if the way things work in Belgium do not suit him. He repeats it several times.

Joshua- "I arrived in Brussels on the 15th at about 10:45 pm. I had a connection for Liège at 10:47 pm at the Gare du Midi."(His ticket was valid for October 16th. That was 1:13 later.) "On my ticket, it was put that the ticket was valid on the 16th of October but it was also put that I could exchange it at any time."

(There, there is a problem, Joshua ... you took the train of 22:47 but you did not exchange your ticket only valid the next day (Ticket exchangeable yes but BEFORE the trip ...), why? Given the short time at the station, why didn't you go directly to the controller after coming on-board to pay the penalty fee for not exchanging it beforehand? Hmm. Did you instead want to play around, hoping that you would get through and get lost?)