Equal Rights? Woman Forces A Fight With A Guy


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Info : Published on May 27, 2020

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silkdrops1 5 months ago

I’m a woman and she got exactly what she deserved. There’s no way in hell I would run up on a man!!!!

jrmint 5 months ago

A shell AND a Popeyes ??? That location black AF

secret8635 5 months ago

Bro a learning lesson, knock her Azz out on the first punch, and walk away

blackscorpio1967 5 months ago

Damn.. skinny's be wildin' out! She should have called Captain Phillips on that pirate.

sirsmokealot 5 months ago

🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂This N***a has no hands he was trying his hardest to knock her out

roscoe35 5 months ago

Does she want to fight or fuck?

greater20 5 months ago

The cops should put both of their necks in a knee lock

person 5 months ago

Look at him...he's the captain now

igivesnofuks 5 months ago

notice how soons someone mention fightin a man he left 😂