Nurse From Alabama Say That Situation Is Far More Serious. Young People Dying Form Corona Virus In Her Hospital


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Info : Published on Mar 27, 2020

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floydf21 8 months ago

Stop trying to spread fear, tell us about the flu fatalities this year

manmadddd 8 months ago

Child I'm telling you why work for these wyppo to take care more of wyppo when then talking Sh*t n plotting on u.

itzreeso 8 months ago

This Corona bs get everybody has doing tricks buying up everything telling people to stay in the house news falsely playing man we got curfew I've been out all night this whole week they misdiagnosed and people and I think the hospitals are in on it kids out of school some people out of work too much to read up on on this virus but it sounds like BS to me they obviously trying to channel our mind somewhere else they talked about Bio Warfare in the 40s but this Sh*t ridiculous

hahalatrelle 8 months ago

Thank you Our Government