Lol: Dramatic Old Lady Calls The Cops On A Dude For Having His Car In A Handicap Parking Spot Report

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1057 Videos . Published on Aug 12, 2019

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normalthom 10 months ago

Perhaps if she would lose about 150 pounds she wouldn't have four blockages.

benevoletracist 10 months ago

When she went OOOOOOH--OOOOOOOH, I thouught she was channeling Sam Kinnison. Well they got the license plate anyway

yungwheeler 10 months ago

this nigga a goof for parking there tho fr its for people with ramps on their car not for some idiot whos too lazy to walk the extra 15-20 seconds, but this bitch crazy too

hydratedh2o 10 months ago

how often does a real handicap person use those spots? its like 1 in 10. dude was in the wrong, and handled it properly, didn't punch that old bitch in her heart. showed real restraint and kept it moving.

fuxwitit247 10 months ago

Sounds like it about medication o'clock...