Student Gets Body Slammed In The Hallway Report

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2712 Videos . Published on Sep 04, 2019

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shoc2006 2 days ago

that teacher jumping in did absolutely nothing lol.

monkeyforsale 17 days ago

Yet another idiot fool white liberal working in a zoo. While they never learn.

alligator 15 days ago

Honkeys will never learn, they're still out here fucking kids and dogs in 2019

monkeyforsale 12 days ago

Nigger trash like you will never own the fact that blacks are violent

gasparyanga 18 days ago

Get out of their way teacher, it's not worth it, they aren't worth it.

realhated 19 days ago


mrallen912 19 days ago


zodd 19 days ago

More of a suplex than a bodyslam.

bootlegyourmom 19 days ago

Of course they're not trying to get an education.

N!ggers ruin everything. FACTS

zodd 19 days ago

Go shoot up a school and do a murder suicide cracker faggot.

fuxwitit247 19 days ago

zodd glad to see you know the difference between a suplex and a BS....the mma community appreciates it.

zodd 19 days ago

I have been training Muay Thai and Jits for 10 years now. Taught classes as well. Blacks are naturally better fighters... if you trained MMA you will know noob blacks are better strikers compared to the noob whites.

fuxwitit247 19 days ago

Your moms a noob...

zodd 18 days ago

Yeah she has no training.. but your slut mother was trained by me to walk to the stroll for daddy.

gasparyanga 18 days ago

Another myth zodd, stop the madness?

bootlegyourmom 18 days ago

zodd cool story bro. Just because you teach kids karate at the mall does not mean you know how to fight.