Y’all Got Played Again: Kid From The Viral Video Flexing On Social Media


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By: theduck1893   Channel : WTF  

Tags : scam, Crazy, VIRAL, attack,

Info : Published on Feb 21, 2020

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kuttboi86 8 months ago

O B***h Azz kracka u n yo mama fuk azz u should have killed yo self right along wit yo fuk azz mammie I hope u get yo azz bullied fr n they yo lil azz in a tire n throw yo B***h azz in the tree so if u decide to jump u still die kuz u to small????????

kingshawn 8 months ago

He is half black and half Asian you dumb Azz nigga, so go F**k yourself.

ness2782 8 months ago

I feel like he should have tattoos

kokomami 8 months ago

He didnt play anyone this is the merchandise the celebrities sent him after seeing him Get bullied everyday Damn day so shut the fuxk up wow