Family Dollar Employees Beat Up Alleged Thieves! Report

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8677 Videos . Published on Jul 31, 2020

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alwayzjames 12 days ago

Dollar tree only gives part time hours... they did too much for small pay. By the way, I’m omw to work there in 30 mins🤣🤣

rdavis67 12 days ago

why is it that some people start fighting in other peoples business? why cannot they walk away? Foolish stupid pride gets in the way. takes over a weak mind

shutdavuckup 12 days ago

Those muthafukkin thieves cant afford dollars

hdeleones 12 days ago

BLM, solving the problems in their community.

monkeyhunter 12 days ago

All of this for one dollar items? My god!! Do blacks have no shame at all? Niqqers have it so bad yet I’m laughing so hard at all the poverty being displayed by blacks.

hambone212 12 days ago

If the store owners were white this would have said (racist store owners beat up black people for no reason) but it's cool yall can keep justifying the fact that niqqers are supposed to act like baboons and its acceptable