Stephen A. Smith Slams Colin Kaepernick! Report

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4107 Videos . Published on Nov 17, 2019

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wakanda77 25 days ago

Colin Kaepernick is standing by his principles. Him going back to work for the NFL is like a slave going back to his slavemaster. This wasn’t about a job but shutting them down on that talk that “he’s not a good quarterback, which is why we won’t sign him.” Fuck Stephen A. Coon and his continuous shucking and jiving for these puppet masters.

realhated 24 days ago

wakanda77 your screen name is based off a children's superhero movie. suffice it to say, opinion discarded.

wakanda77 6 days ago

Your screen name is based off your self delusion that the world gives a shit about your existence. Notice no one upped that lame ass attempt to fire on my screen name? Existence discard. Go play in the sandbox with the rest of the children, little boy. And shut the fuck up when adults are talking.

chris9731 25 days ago

he don't sound like a hater, he hit the nail on the head. That wife got in kapernecks head and fucked him up.

normalthom 25 days ago

I used to hate Stephen A, but now I respect him. I was wrong about him, he speaks the truth!!

realhated 25 days ago

100% correct. after yesterday's mess, we'll finally never hear about him again after this week is over

money123 25 days ago

Get the bag

teddylee 25 days ago

Dude u sound like a hater.