NYC Taxi Driver Assaults Page Six TV’s Bevy Smith Report

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5122 Videos . Published on Oct 12, 2019

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bigdawg 10 months ago

This is why I don't feel bad about them losing business to Uber.

bootlegyourmom 10 months ago

bigdawg right cause N*****s with ZERO education and people skills need jobs. I'm with ya nigga. #BLM

bigdawg 10 months ago

WTF you talking bout

bootlegyourmom 10 months ago

This goofy fuckin sheboon acts like she did nothing wrong. I'm sure she was rude and niggery

money123 10 months ago

Walk home ho

bfp 10 months ago


bigsen 10 months ago

F**k him and his taxi..

deemoe 10 months ago