Dude Left Leaking During One On One At A Park


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Tags : fight, VIRAL, comedy, Bloody,

Info : Published on Aug 16, 2020

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rdavis67 2 months ago

Typical. Young man in white wife beater had to be concerned about the animals that jumped him kicking and punching him. Not a fair fight because of tribe mentality. That’s the typical part because when they see one of the tribe losing they got to jump in.

jape 2 months ago

I hate when people stop it and say no grabbin. WHY? If dude has better hands than me ima take his Azz down and choke his B***h Azz out. Im not playin. You probably bout to kick me in the head if i get knocked out so F**k it.

hdeleones 2 months ago

The BLM guy with white tank top beat his ass....

ccnocrippim 2 months ago

Lol but facts

kimbee 2 months ago

Thats what i call a fight without the side Azz people jumping in

realhated 2 months ago