Didn't See That Coming, Shawty Pulled Out A Strap And Started Bussin


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Hood Clips  

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Info : Published on May 26, 2020

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hambone212 5 months ago

Why cops be killing black people they ain't do nothing wrong

thehazeofourlives 5 months ago


hambone212 5 months ago

You mad bruh? You only mad cause black B*****s be hard core and black dudes are dressing like sissy punks getting F****d up the Azz and the masculine ones are getting killed by each other and cops cause they have no respect for anyone but themselves. So go on and put a dress on N***a and bend that Azz over for this Dxck or go get shot by one of your own pick your poison F**k boy

secret8635 5 months ago

She done, they have this video and they probably will call the police on her Azz, happy jail time

roscoe35 5 months ago

Black people need to cut out the N****r cancer that rages throughout their communities through policies of extra judicial and summary executions until law abiding citizens are safe once again. HOw many thousands need to be killed? This Sh*t started when? When cocaine hit the streets or when rednecks stopped hanging some folks? What is the F**king deal?

yuko23 5 months ago

People like you who focus on a community that doesn’t affect you makes me think you have a serious BBC fetish or your just a sad boy, remember who brought N*****s over here I’m just saying lmao

roscoe35 5 months ago

Stop making me read Gay comments F*****t maggot

greenlantern1 5 months ago

I guess stupid people don’t realize bullets shot in the air come down and kill people

greater20 5 months ago

They dindu muffin. That black chic is furious at her weave and she's about to take it out of another black