Phoenix P.d. Shot Man In His Car While He Was Sleeping


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Info : Published on Jul 06, 2020

His sister posted this on her fb:

Phoenix P.D shot my brother who was unarmed sleeping in the car ... ALL LIVES MATTER GOD WILL MAKE IT RIGHT MY BROTHER IS IN HEAVEN NOW I LOVE YOU JAMES!

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johndoemofo 4 months ago

As usual no info given- A man called the police to report another man who tried to kill him a week ago had returned with a knife and threatened to kill him again. The police confronted the man sitting in the car, talking to him, when the man pulled out a gun. Suicide by cop.

johndoemofo 4 months ago

Take 5 seconds to copy/paste the above title and you'll get dozens of local articles explaining it.

andkngz 4 months ago

Where your proof

eskilo22 29 days ago

he literally just told you, jesus, your stupidity amazes me.

yamomahoe22 4 months ago

And the first thing they say is “ I WAS AFRAID FOR MY LIFE “ as if it’s not 5 cops with guns on 1 person sitting in a car

greenrod 4 months ago

Well wet backs think they white so who cares