How To Make Money On Flyheight By Watching And Sharing Videos On Your Social Media Report

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48393 Videos . Published on Sep 28, 2019
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Make Money Online!

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Watch 30% of the video, click the upvote or downvote button, leave a comment, and share on facebook or twitter using the share buttons below video... thats all


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bamct915 2 months ago

Lets see if this works.

staff33 2 months ago


britjack 2 months ago

When do earning start to show . I click the earnings tab and nothing has populated for September

reignru 2 months ago

That’s it?

bandoguapo 2 months ago

On it been on here for a while finally signing up got hella content from from Bronx ny

knutz666 2 months ago

just the featured videos ? I've been doing it wrong

money123 2 months ago

we have seen the light

lilgeorge 2 months ago

rog explain better

Rog 2 months ago

Watch 30% of the video, click the upvote or downvote, leave a comment, and share on facebook or twitter using the share buttons below video... thats all

lilgeorge 2 months ago

what about the person who posted the video?
should he also do this four task on his video?

Rog 2 months ago


lilgeorge 2 months ago

so if i don't do the four task i won't make any money on my video?

Rog 2 months ago

On your own videos you just earn an extra 10% of what you made

lilgeorge 2 months ago

makes sense now but is there a way you calculate how much i make on my views?
let say 10k views equals 5 dollars or what?
just asking

lilgeorge 2 months ago

also have not receive yesterday's earning

knutz666 2 months ago

so watch ,comment and share , easy peasy

Rog 2 months ago

Watch 30% of the video, click the upvote or downvote, leave a comment, and share on facebook or twitter using the share buttons below video... thats all

brodriguez 2 months ago

Yeah but how do u know my info to pay me?

legacy 2 months ago

Good question

liljg28200 2 months ago

Rog I do have one question. In the video you state that the amount paid out depends on the amount of view's the video gets,but where from the views from flyhieght or my Facebook or Twitter sharing?

liljg28200 2 months ago

Got it. It's for the featured vidoes for that day. Okay. Thank you

Rog 2 months ago

Users who did all 4 task get 10% of whatever that video has earned for the day.... So if 10 users did a task for 1 video the 10% is split between those 10 people... Best thing to do is to do all 4 task on new featured videos on homepage for the day

fuxwitit247 2 months ago

Rog are you a millionaire yet?

Rog 2 months ago

It depends on what you consider a millionaire ... im a millionaire in assets but i dont have a million in cash

Rog 2 months ago

But Ive also made way more than a million from flyheight alone

brodriguez 2 months ago

Cash is nice. Assets are valuable to tho. Especially houses and gold. Appreciation values and all.

theduck1893 2 months ago

I made more then $10k from January to June

fuxwitit247 2 months ago

theduck1893 how much of that did you spend on hookers and blow?

theduck1893 2 months ago

fuxwitit247 I spend it on vacation in Italy. I don’t pay for pussy and drugs

birdmann5314 2 months ago

Let’s see

normalthom 2 months ago

So if it's a fifteen second video, I have to watch it twice, even if it's stupid?

sunnyvoodooo 2 months ago


manmadddd 2 months ago

How we get paid? Check, cash, paypal, breast milk? I want the baddie in the pink, the one with the camel in her draws, from the basket ball video.

Rog 2 months ago

lol paypal ..... minimum monthly payout is $10

bigdawg 2 months ago

We clown you sometimes, but honestly it's good to see you doing your thang, young man.

jramseur 2 months ago

Nice way to make some extra cash!!!

viimarie 2 months ago

Lemme see...

jramseur 2 months ago

Where is the upvote or downvote button at

manmadddd 2 months ago

Mobile it's above video

viimarie 2 months ago

I will say it's nice to see him personally instructing people how to do this... Not too many are too keen on showing others a helping hand... Kudos

triggamann2020 2 months ago

That’s 100

draxler09 1 month ago


shooterboi1017 2 months ago

Ay I’ll watch every gah damn video bro

williamsj5 2 months ago


storyteller4 2 months ago

I like money

liljg28200 2 months ago

This is a bet. Been watching the site for some time now, and now we can make extra money just from sharing. I'm game!

drich211 2 months ago


gimmieasmallslice 2 months ago

Rog can I upload my homemade porn videos. I want the biddies on here to see my stroke game.

Rog 2 months ago

only on flyheight freaks channel

liljg28200 2 months ago

Rog can I get a reply to my comment above ??

bigavelle 2 months ago


mar94 2 months ago

Lol I'm watching every video

alw10a 2 months ago

I just shared this video hope this is true and uploaded it

rlfaulkner88 2 months ago


kingshyt 2 months ago

Let see if it wrk

ashaquae89 2 months ago


youngtodd017 2 months ago

Every video

mollyxmack 2 months ago

i might as well never wanted to make an account till now

meechiexmob 2 months ago


snappy77 2 months ago

How much money can you make a month

snappy77 2 months ago

Lets get it

mindbodysoul 2 months ago

Hey Rog is there a way you can make it so the video is embedded into fb kinda like youtube so they don't have to leave fb by opening another page to view. Many people don't like to open another tab. Ok lmk cause I share on fb all the time with little response because of this I believe.

Rog 2 months ago

yeah but that's facebook doing that for some videos

marcendy01 2 months ago

This is great information brother.

marcendy01 2 months ago

Brother this a great. We need people like you around more

nathandrake89 2 months ago

That's awesome and very easy you explain it very well thank you

ls1goat 2 months ago

30 % OF THE VIDEO " If the video is a minute long you have to watch 30 seconds. " Public school educated , obviously . This fool is educating lesser fools .

Rog 2 months ago

Lmaooo man i was slow on that part lol