Popular Singer Was Shot Dead Outside Of A Restaurant In Ecuador


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Info : Published on Jan 04, 2020

ECUADOR – Promedio 20 singer Jorge Fernando Lino Macas was shot dead while eating outside with two friends at a seafood location in Guayaquil.

Footage shows Lino aka Vanilla, eating with a man and woman, when two armed subjects arrive and open fire, killing him at the scene, and injuring the two others in the gunfire.

According to reports, Lino had an extensive criminal history. He was prosecuted on drug trafficking and murder charges.

In October 2018, alias Vanilla and three other suspects were arrested with 741 kilos of cocaine.

Ten months later, on August 22nd, at a hearing that lasted seven hours, all three other suspects were sentenced to ten years in prison.

Judges Gabriel Enrique Noboa Ycaza, Edwin Logroño Varela and Segundo Mina Sifuentes declared alias Vanilla innocent, who according to Antinarcóticos Unit was the leader of the band.

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