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bigpoppa 6 months ago

Why was he allowed to go to his office and erase the kiddie pirn pics???

ch3y09 6 months ago

Right because I remember him trying to meet up with a kid

theworldisending 6 months ago

Digital forensics my dude. He can “erase” whatever he wants. They can recover it. He’s done

tei69 6 months ago

I thought search warrants were more aggressive than this. Am i missing something? The door was locked- did not get broken down, The requested items in said search warrant- handed off to another bystander as opposed to being given to the officer; was also stated to not turn it over to them until advised otherwise. He walked away from the officers out of their visual.... and this all went on for 25 minutes. They were rougher with Trumps lawyer when they served his search warrant. I always thought when you resist commands that was grounds for an arrest.... please explain what i am missing.

rdavis67 6 months ago

thin blue line is the explanation. they lookin out for they own

fuzzyslippazz 6 months ago

They Should have Bombed The Station and those wetbacks........

fuzzyslippazz 6 months ago

They are All PEDO'S