Damn: Dude Proposed To His Girlfriend And She Said No Report

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1149 Videos . Published on Jul 23, 2019

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niq 8 months ago

Damn...she was thinking about the other guy smh

shoc2006 8 months ago

well that's one way of knowing you getting played

popcornpimp 8 months ago

Yall dumb azz niggas still trying to marry these disloyal bitches? I will at least give her credit for not marrying your goofy azz just to fleece you out of child support and alimony later. You should be thanking that bitch.

broomejames 8 months ago

Lmfaaaao fake!!!

hydratedh2o 8 months ago

that means she got another couple dudes on the side, and at least one abortion from one of them, dirty bitch. that's what he get for being a sucka! don't ever do no simp shit like this. the way the system fucks a man, a bitch should be on her knees begging the man. to enter into a shitty contract where he has a 90% chance of getting fucked.