Slapped Him Back To Reality: World Strongest Slapper Exchange Slaps With Face Tattooed Guy Report

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4633 Videos . Published on Nov 06, 2019

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eyeswatching1 8 months ago

They're only clapping because he die off that impact

petedon39 8 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

petedon39 8 months ago

That N***a seen every ancestor every dimension every cartoon and every star in the solar system with that slap damnnn he slap the Sh*t outta him I still see his soul floating around me now whew wee

josephaaneya 8 months ago

1000 kilos

bigsen 8 months ago

that big dude should be in somebody jail from that slap...

blacksfarsuperior 8 months ago

The big guy is not aiming for the face skin but the back of the head

snappy77 8 months ago


bigdawg 8 months ago

Sheeeeit! Ain't no way, except I'd slap that big motherfucker, then call "I'm out!". And run like a motherfucker

money123 8 months ago

Hit him again