Bout Time: Father Spanks Child In Public Report

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311 Videos . Published on Jul 27, 2020

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shawndone112 13 days ago

That is good! White People (Men and Women) let their pale Azz kids do w.e and shoot up schools but be quick to talk about someone else kid. Smh

chiefslap 13 days ago

Fuk color my dude beat ur kids Azz if they get out of pocket race dont have Sh*t to do with discipline and calling kids pale is a female trait bte

jape 13 days ago

Why the F**k EVERYTHING have to be about race. yall trippin

shawndone112 7 days ago

😭😭😭😭 some black kids dont have fathers but they dont go around shooting up schools like ya white brothers. They have a mom and dad and still cant control their anger shut up

whiteymctrash 11 days ago

you know how many white teens are molesting 10 year olds?? It happens all the time but white washed statistics takes care of that.

rdavis67 13 days ago

I disagree.

hambone212 13 days ago

You know how many niqqer kids I see doing F****d up shit. Stealing Sh*t F**king Sh*t up and dancing in stores like they having a F**king epilepsy episode. There is all kinds of videos of it. F**k you talm bout pale Azz shut you nig Azz up. You just mad cause that kid has a father cause yours left that's why black boys be selling that boy P***y like they momma sell that stank P***y cause daddy ain't around

bigpoppa 13 days ago

Damn right pop whoop his ass. He had to have it coming

bilal1 13 days ago

If he was black this would be under bad parenting

girlfriend 12 days ago

This is what's been missing from humanity!!!!

mario1thousand 13 days ago


ericgilbert21 11 days ago

Now that definitely needs to come back for these bad Azz kids, great fūcking Sh*t 👏 👏👏

shawndone112 13 days ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

hdeleones 13 days ago

Thats not a spanking..thats a beating...dsmn