Hilton Employee Called 911 On A Black Woman At The Pool With Her Children Report

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9098 Videos . Published on Jun 28, 2020

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roscoe35 10 days ago

Foul ratchet all you had to do was show them your room key. Dumb fukker

lionessjazz 10 days ago

She did dumb Azz, didn't you watch the video? She wasn't rachet at all, if anything I applaud her for staying calm and respectful. I can't believed they harassed that woman like that in front of her babies.

roscoe35 10 days ago

One time someone did something right. Maybe there is There is hope for your race after all.

roscoe35 10 days ago

Why don't you quit whining and do something for your race for once in your life and go kill some niggrs? HA??????????????????

artic1442 10 days ago

You're really showing how F**king retarded you are roscoe she showed it to them multiple times you clown. Try watching the Sh*t you want to complain about before you speak dumbass.

greenrod 10 days ago

F**king honkies i hate them with a passion

db135i 10 days ago

Roscoe orders shots of catfish grease from the bar

db135i 10 days ago

lol this is funny the lil girl is swimming like... I know nothin is gonna happen

johndoemofo 9 days ago

Affirmative Action gave this ghetto ratchet a job.