Baby Daddy Drama: Man Got His Car Smashed And Mouth Busted Defending His Girl From Her Ex Report

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921 Videos . Published on Sep 11, 2019

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madness315 12 days ago

damn, did the ex throw this nigga
face first through the back window?

hydratedh2o 12 days ago

what a fuckin simp!!! this bitch not only brought some other mans kid as baggage, but now you getting the shit kicked out of you and getting your whipped fucked up, all for this funky bitch! aint no puss worth it! the bitch already coming in -5 points for having a kid, crazy baby father adds another -15 points, and I have yet to ever see a 10 point bitch! this is a prime example of what you don't do! and the bitch will probably end up fuckin the other dude or getting back with him.

meekmillfan 12 days ago

funniest part is the car got an L on it

meekmillfan 12 days ago

stay out that man business

fuxwitit247 12 days ago

What did you protect?....this the type of thing you keep to yourself bro.

petedon39 12 days ago

Damn nigga you should've had protection too he beat the brakes off you lmao

mrtea 12 days ago

Even the car got a big ass "L" on it.....lmao