Cartel Members Live On Social Media As They Were Killing Police For El Chapo's Son Report

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463 Videos . Published on Oct 18, 2019
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During the chaos today many Cartel members went live on social media while riding around the city with RPG’s and looking for police to kill as they listened to Spanish Music.⁣

In one encounter they outnumbered a Mexican Militaty squad, forcing them to surrender and shake every Cartel members hand before killing them. We send our prayers to all the victims involved in this horrible tragedy


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bootlegyourmom 6 months ago

My people don't fuck around....and don't give a fuck about innocent casualties.

bootlegyourmom 6 months ago

fuxwitit247 you funny nigger. I spent all day looking for a new time piece, what did your broke ass do?

bootlegyourmom 5 months ago

fuxwitit247 No not at all. It feels good to spend what you make in two months on a watch.
Keep playing your local bars and karaoke clubs and save your money cause it won't last very long.
Keep that resume up to date dude..
Maybe look into personal training.

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

bootlegyourmom did I hit a nerve?...I playe d a stand room only bar in Austin...I'm a popular artist In atx

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

shut up and keep building fences for white live in Houston and you probably dont even...hable español

boncon333 6 months ago

Nuke em all

vici0us 6 months ago

Isn't this what the demoncrats want?? LOLZ

brodriguez 5 months ago

Sinaloa cartel don't play.

snappy77 6 months ago

Cartel ain't no joke

jrmint 6 months ago

Crips and bloods and the like dont have shit on the cartel

the4thmigoo 6 months ago

ANNND America should open its borders for what again?

FUC THAT !! ...let these savages stay in savageco.

manmadddd 6 months ago

This was so gangsta! I no way condone this activity but dammmmmn lol these mofos dont play huh

bigsen 6 months ago

that's some big dog shit right there...

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

Bad Boys 3 is looking dope.....

money123 6 months ago

Go ahead

maddworld1 5 months ago