Woman Pulls Up To A Daycare Teacher House After Finding Out That She Hit Her Child Report

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4633 Videos . Published on Dec 11, 2019

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money123 7 months ago

I will kick your baby

shakur38 5 months ago

And you will die

k9veteren 4 months ago

Money123 u better hope karma dont catch u, no one should be hittin someones child, an yes shes white, dont touch our black children, u could lose an eye.

gimmieasmallslice 7 months ago

"I'm just waking up" tf???? Who cares hoe!

ronnie230 4 months ago

Lolol thats what you get, harming her child. You lucky u didnt get stabbed, or shot. U got the right one though.

atp2 7 months ago

I say it all the time you put your hands on mine them people goin be sending me that way fr fr

muggzy 7 months ago

this is someone trying to educate a younger mind, some kids need that special school like the one depicted in dangerous minds...

teddylee 5 months ago

Whooping her Azz like that was hilarious

kushkandy 7 months ago

shouldnt have slapped her baby

bigsen 7 months ago

go back to sleep then

legacy 5 months ago

Damn that looked sexy

zlocke90 7 months ago

I would have slapped your daughter too B***h if she would of hit me u can hear her in the videos say her daughter hit her first and her daughter 13 B***h would of got these hands

peezy55 7 months ago


alinda175 5 months ago


alinda175 5 months ago


snappy77 7 months ago


db135i 7 months ago

Now u goin to jail and getting felony..way to go..good job camera woman

db135i 7 months ago

Now she gonna go back to the hood with her friends they all gonna review the tape and laugh and say I would have did the same thing....stupid....if u gonna do somthin like that do it covertly....I'm pretty positive she got locked up.