Chinese Girl Drowns Insects And Eats Them Report

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104 Videos . Published on Mar 30, 2020

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1972n4thstreet 4 months ago

This chick got videos of her eating bats and snails

thehazeofourlives 3 months ago

And No Corvid19???

metalpeices20 4 months ago

why is it bubbling? acid?

thehazeofourlives 4 months ago

Hot oil. The glass in sitting on a hot wok. This ling ling is out there.

manmadddd 4 months ago

Asians stay ahead of the game. She just looking for the next new virus

thehazeofourlives 4 months ago

This B***h is crazy asf. What WOULD have been funny if the stinger was still active and stung that gook on its way down.

wuriewurie 4 months ago

The crimson chin

whiteymctrash 3 months ago

DEPORT all LIZARD eating ASIANS from America NOW!! TRUMP 2020!!!

1972n4thstreet 4 months ago

This chick it's always eating weird shit!

jmilz 4 months ago

Nasty B***h