Wow: Cop Beats Woman In A Holding Cell Report

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2083 Videos . Published on Aug 13, 2019
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detroitdude52 10 days ago

They should've arrested his ass for assault.

dbizzle43 10 days ago

Why didn’t they shoot?

penutt 10 days ago

Shit happens all the time

202deeno 10 days ago

Stupid Muthafuca

possumsweatyshirt 9 days ago

Whooooo!!!! Equal rights....... and lefts... Lmao

benevoletracist 9 days ago

real tough cop--what's his name ?

hydratedh2o 9 days ago

wow, cop hits a white woman who tried to kick him, he gets fired and the other guy there too. cop shoots unarmed black kid in the back, paid leave and a commendation from the city. fuck outa here! fuck cops!

obarede 10 days ago

This pigs are getting out of control.

fuxwitit247 10 days ago

We all know a short fuse stevie...