Shorty Wanted All The Smoke While Protecting Her Man Report

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3018 Videos . Published on Aug 13, 2019
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mrallen912 10 days ago


benevoletracist 10 days ago

If George Washington Carver did that sh*t at Highland University we wouldnt have peanut butter.

fuxwitit247 10 days ago

GWC would of never been part of this coonery

realhated 10 days ago

thugs growing up to be nothing but people with felony records.

oh, and typical

fuxwitit247 10 days ago

That was kinda a dope recall....they come from a place where for 50,000 years they fought..lions...hyenas...crocodiles....hippos...african other tribes...Europe had wolves and badgers.....they make great athletes because of war.....they just have to focus it

shoc2006 10 days ago

homie getting paid at the end!

fuxwitit247 10 days ago

This is what happens when you open a school for gangs...