Video Of Detroit Bus Driver (Jason Hargrove) Who Died Of Coronavirus Complaining After Passenger Cough On Him


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : SMH  

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Info : Published on Apr 04, 2020

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kingshawn 7 months ago

Hahahaha, that fat black bastard had weak genes so his fat Azz died! HAHAHAHAHAHA, that's some funny Azz shit!

rumpl4skin 7 months ago

The Devil has the hottest spots of Hell reserved just for you.

shanster 7 months ago

WOW why so much hate SMDH life is to short we are all in this together ????????????

kingshawn 7 months ago

No we aren't B*tch. You aren't paying my bills.

ziaomi 7 months ago

That was a terrorist attack disguised as a cough

shanster 7 months ago

R.I.P My brother