Lil Pump Got Bitten By The Snake At His Video Shooting Report

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3611 Videos . Published on Nov 08, 2019

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teddylee 10 days ago

Snakes eat rodents and insects. Fuck u expect?

skookie69 9 days ago

Please please please get that snake tested for std's asap.

alligator 10 days ago

The snake didn’t want to hear “his” music lmao.

eyeswatching1 10 days ago

That should be telling him something

money123 10 days ago

Get him

snappy77 10 days ago


benevoletracist 10 days ago

you scared the snake

bigsen 10 days ago

did he just say nigger. i guess he get a pass cuz he's rich...

josephaaneya 10 days ago