Ex-Con Released From Jail Over Coronavirus Fears Holds Bronx Bodega Door Open For Disabled Man Before Robbing Him


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Info : Published on Apr 12, 2020

An ex-con who broke a disabled man’s arm outside a Bronx bodega held the door open for the victim before he robbed him, video obtained by the Daily News shows.

Repeat felon Daniel Vargas, 29, was back on Rikers Island Wednesday for the heinous attack, weeks after being sprung from jail over coronavirus fears.

Surveillance video shows Vargas eyeing Richard Goetschius, 64, as he limps into the Valentine Ave. shop with a cane, then holding the door open for the victim as he exits with $80 in his hand.

Vargas shoved Goetschius against the storefront, grabbed his right hand and dragged him several feet, the video shows.

The victim eventually lost his grip and Vargas ran off, chased briefly by a good Samaritan who picked up the victim’s cane, the video shows.

Vargas was charged with robbery, grand larceny, assault and possession of stolen property, and was held on $50,000 bail.

“He deserves to be behind bars,” Goetschius told The News on Wednesday at the assisted living facility he calls home. “He broke my arm.”

Vargas was already being held on Rikers Island for violating his parole in a 2019 felony drug possession case, but was released on Mar. 28 after his lawyers raised concerns about coronavirus spreading at the jail facility.

He was previously released on parole in 2017 for a burglary case, in which he also stabbed a a female friend after breaking into her home.

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whiteymctrash 8 months ago

Why would you fight over 20 dollars and some change....risk your life for nothing.